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WOWO pure ginger shampoo

WOWO pure ginger shampoo


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WOWO pure ginger shampoo is a natural pure ginger juice production, production process and raw material procurement are all open and transparent, ginger in winter has warm scalp, promote blood circulation, accelerate scalp metabolism, at the same time, it can inhibit bacteria, detoxification, detoxification, hair growth and development, in the initial use of it, occasional dandruff, itching, scalp oil, or hair loss situation.

Matters needing attention:

1. The cochlear pure ginger, Phoenix and ginger shampoo must be used every day for half a month (for men), (for women, once every two days). 75% of the people will lose their hair more than before. Don't be afraid to stop using it. This is the natural function of ginger in promoting metabolism. The hair that falls off is necrotic or unhealthy and unstable hair papillae in hair follicles. It is like the wound scarring on our body. After taking a hot bath, it will fall off quickly. This is the effect of accelerated metabolism. Hair loss will stop quickly after half a month, and it will start to grow brand-new after 25 days. Healthy hair, 90 days or so will have a very obvious effect of hair distribution, it is recommended to use photographs before and after contrast, hair density and hair distribution effect is enough to surprise you - part of the beginning is very good in the middle of the symptoms vary from person to person.

2. During the use of cochlear pure ginger and ginger shampoo, it is recommended to stay up less late, drink appropriate amount of cigarette, wine and coffee, keep adequate sleep, eat less greasy and spicy food, eat more vegetables, fruits and crude fibers and other foods, keep the stool smooth, comb and massage the scalp 100-150 times with a large plank wood comb before going to bed every night, so as to promote the blood circulation of the scalp, the effect is more obvious, such as: Due to the living habits and working relationships can not achieve the above, please extend the time of intensive convalescence.

3, cochlear pure Jiang Fengjiang shampoo, if the scalp secretion of oil is exuberant, it can be cleaned once more when shampoo is used, and the retention time of clean foam on scalp is extended for about three minutes. Then rinse thoroughly, and avoid using chemical products to contact scalp.

4. Populations with particularly severe moisture may have itching or acne on scalp after using pure ginger and ginger shampoo in cochlea. Don't be afraid and worried. This is not an allergic symptom. Because ginger is warm and has the effect of dispelling cold, it can lead deep dampness and toxicity to the scalp surface for you. So people with severe dampness use real natural ginger to drain. Toxicity, scalp will grow more or less some small red pimples or acne, this is a good phenomenon, when the damp toxin is completely discharged from the inside of the scalp, it will become a healthy and fertile scalp, good scalp can grow healthy hair. There's no problem.

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