What with fresh tomatoes can not? Exposing tomato mixed with sugar harm

On summer table tomatoes mixed with sugar dish is popular, not only nutritious, but also sweet and refreshing. However, some people have diarrhea, abdominal pain and other symptoms after eating, taking dysentery or colitis drugs are not effective. What is the reason?

What with fresh tomatoes can not? Exposing tomato mixed with sugar harm

What with fresh tomatoes can not? Exposing tomato mixed with sugar harm

This is the dessert mites at play. Like feeding mites in sugar, pieces of sugar, maltose, syrup, mostly through diet by eating into the body make people sick, not only can cause diarrhea, but can also penetrate into the intestinal mucosa, formation of ulcers.

Nutritionists believe, tomato salad, as with honey. Honey is nourishing health to share, sweet and peaceful, to the human respiratory system, digestive system, cardiovascular system in many diseases, endocrine system and other aspects of skin have therapeutic effects and tune up.

In practice, the first ready tomatoes 2, 20 grams of honey. Wash the tomatoes into the bowl, pour hot boiling water for about 1 minute until golden, add cold water rinsing, the skin torn off the tomato, cut into pieces or slices, into the basin, the honey into the bowl inside, add cold water to dilute, poured to Serve the tomatoes.

Experts advise, eat cooked summer without eating raw honey honey, honey that is edible sugar content of more than 39 degrees. Less than 39 degrees nectar may contain toxic ingredients, such as those containing alkali A Gelsemium, belladonna alkaloids or scopolamine and other substances, can lead to toxic reactions after eating.

Best not to eat green tomatoes, in general, the more red tomato color, the higher the lycopene content, relatively lower immature and half-ripe green tomatoes lycopene content.

Some people say that eating cooked tomatoes such thing, waste which vitamin C; eaten raw such thing, can not absorb lycopene. So, in the end it is eaten raw or cooked food more nutritious it?

Iowa State University researchers have found a group of graduate students to do the subject, let them eat a bowl of vegetable salad containing tomatoes, but each with a different salad dressings. The researchers gave their veins even a small plastic tube in order to collect blood samples before and after eating the timing for the determination.

Results: Traditional salad dressing when eating, blood lycopene, carotene, lutein and other beneficial ingredients will be significantly increased, when substitute low-fat or fat salad dressing poorly. Thus, the researchers said, although raw vegetables is very fashionable, fat-free cooking is also very fashionable, but when eating dark colored vegetables, a little oil is still good.

At the same time, experts also advise, tomato belongs to the slightly cold food, stomach Deficiency of people try to eat, do not eat on an empty stomach.

The following eight taboo to eat tomatoes, can not remember:

No1 inappropriate and cucumber while eating

Because the cucumber contains vitamin C enzyme, it would undermine the content of other vegetables rich in vitamin C. Tomato is a typical vitamin C-rich vegetables, if eaten with both our intake from tomatoes in vitamin C, and then destroyed the decomposition of cucumber enzyme, it failed to reach the effect of nutritional supplements.

No2 unfit for human consumption when taking heparin, dicoumarol and other anti-clotting drugs

Tomatoes contain vitamin K more. Vitamin K: liver main role is to catalyze the synthesis of prothrombin and thromboplastin, the minimum requirement for dog 30ug / kg body weight. Insufficient vitamin K, by limiting the synthesis of prothrombin leaving the coagulation time, resulting in the skin and muscle bleeding.

No3 fasting unfit for human consumption

Tomatoes contain a lot of soluble astringent ingredients, reacts with the acid, condensed into insoluble lumps, these lumps can be exported pyloric stomach blockage, causing gastrointestinal fullness, pain and other symptoms. After a meal to eat tomatoes because the acid is mixed with many foods, its concentration is not, it does not react with the above-mentioned gum, so there is no cause illness.

No4 inedible immature tomato

Green tomatoes contain alkaloid glycosides (solanine) in the shape of needle-like crystals, alkaline very stable, but can be acid hydrolysis. Therefore, the immature green tomatoes to eat often feel discomfort, ranging from mouth feel bitter, when there will be serious poisoning. Especially when the green tomatoes began to rot, its solanine will be destroyed. After the green tomatoes red, it does not contain solanine.

No5 not long after the heating cooking edible

Long after the loss of heat to cook original nutrition and taste, because lycopene when exposed to light, heat and oxygen break down easily, lose health. Therefore, cooking should avoid prolonged high temperature heating.

No6 taking neostigmine or galantamine contraindicated edible

Recommendation: obey the doctor’s advice.

No7 weak stomach should not eat

Chinese medicine tomatoes cold, weak stomach who eat tomatoes harmful. So, suffering from acute gastroenteritis, acute dysentery and ulcer patients with active disease Yi Shi temporarily, to avoid worse.

No8 grams of food

Tomatoes bogey and crabs similar food, tomatoes are rich in vitamins, and prawn-take-all, will generate arsenic is highly toxic.

Buy tomatoes with stress

In the purchase of raw tomatoes, to choose a big, round, plump, beautiful appearance of the most complete of tomatoes. Do not buy uniform coloration, Baikal tomatoes. Because it is likely to be infected with a virus disease of tomato fruit, taste, nutrition are poor.

Tomatoes and vegetables on the market there are two types: one is red tomatoes, sugar and acid concentrations are high, rich; the other is pink tomatoes, sugar and acid concentrations are low, tasteless.

To the market to buy tomatoes, you must first clear the intention eaten raw, or cooked food. If you want to be eaten raw, you should buy pink. Because this light sour tomatoes, raw is better; if you want to eat cooked, red tomatoes to buy as much as possible. This rich tomato flavor, spoil the broth, fried taste good. Relations fruit shape and flesh is also very close: flat circular thin flesh, flesh thick circular.

In particular, do not buy green tomatoes and the “green shoulders” (fruit stalk cyan) tomatoes. Because of this tomato is not only poor nutrition, and tomatoes may also contain toxic glycosides.

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